Date of Award

Spring 2008

Document Type

Legacy Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)




College of Humanities and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Dan Albergotti


Poetry allows a writer not only to express her views and emotions but also to express these ideas vividly and beautifully. Poetry is a pathway to expression which utilizes freedom of thought and ideology as well as guidelines of verse and rhetorical strategies. Successful formal poetry creates a euphoric rhetorical experience while informal verse encourages abstract thought and individual interpretation. A creative exploration of these verse forms has led to the inspiration of twenty-five original poems collected in this chapbook entitled "Release". I chose this title as a culmination of my emotions at the end of this writing experience and also as an announcement of this work as the first step in my authorial career. A chapbook is an appropriate choice for my senior Honors thesis project as it showcases personal growth and talent as a writer and analyst of poetic forms.