Date of Award

Spring 2005

Document Type

Legacy Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)


Management and Decision Sciences


College of Business

First Advisor

Linda Henderson


The purpose of this paper is to explain the results of a statistical analysis of the magnitude of employee theft in the hospitality industry in South Carolina's Grand Stand and to inform members of that industry what controls and procedures can help them detect, decrease and control employee theft. The paper compares the results of a survey done in 2000 with the results from the same survey performed at the beginning of 2005. In 2000, Dr. Linda Henderson and Dr. Gregory Krippel of the Wall College of Business of Coastal Carolina University conducted a survey of employee theft in the hospitality industry. The survey collected information about tourism-related businesses such as hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and attractions. The data came from 77 surveys that were received back from the 1,036 that were mailed and 39 that were hand delivered by students in the introductory accounting course. The new study complements to the original study by providing a measurable comparison and evaluation of the employee theft trend in the last 5 years; it also identifies the most common internal controls and measures that companies employee to prevent employee theft. The results reveal that the restaurants and hotels are the most vulnerable to employee theft within the hospitality industry. In addition, businesses that deposit cash on daily basis, use customized order pads or customized computer screens for their wait staff, use some form or type of armored car service, and use clear trash bags incur the least amount of employee theft.