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Spring 5-15-2009

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Bachelor of Science (BS)




College of Science


In the first of two studies, the use of data compiled from questionnaires concerning perceived parenting style and romantic attachment style of Coastal Carolina University students were used to test the hypothesis that the authoritative parenting style would be related to the secure attachment style. The researcher used the terms attachment style and romantic attachment style interchangeably throughout the study. These variables were then statistically analyzed by a chi-square test of independence and showed statistical significance to support the hypothesis. The frequency of students who answered to have both authoritative parenting and secure attachments was significantly higher than the other combinations of parenting and attachment style. In the second study the researcher focused on students’ preferred coping tendencies as a function of parenting style. These variables were then statistically analyzed by an unpaired t-test and were found to significantly support the hypothesis that students’ perceived parenting styles would be a function of coping styles. The data suggests the importance of parenting and the influence it can have on adult attachment style and coping tendency. This heightened awareness will hopefully make a difference in the decisions parents make in regard to their children. Parenting skills can have a tremendous impact on the psychological health and well being of children. Thus, knowledge about improving parenting skills may lead to improved emotional and social health.

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Psychology Commons