Date of Award

Fall 12-15-2011

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




College of Humanities and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Cynthia Nycum


Serial murders may have occurred in non-Western cultures, like Japan, South Africa, and Pakistan, before the introduction of Western ideals. These murders would have gone unnoticed and unreported if the populace did not know or understand the significant differences between serial murder and other types of violence and death. The people and authorities in non-Western cultures would not know of these differences unless they were made known to them or if they started to investigate the murders more closely. People from Western cultures who move to non-Western areas or communicate with non-Western natives may introduce these differences and familiarize the native population with the distinctions between serial murder and other types of murder, violence, and death. There is a correlation between the amount of Western cultural influences in non-Western nations and the increase of serial killers, but the question of causation is yet to be determined.