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Charles Clary, associate professor in the Department of Visual Arts at Coastal Carolina University, is the winner of the 2022 HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award. Clary’s recent exhibit, "Memento Viveraddidle," was on display at CCU’s Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery, and he delivered a corresponding lecture as the 2022 HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar, titled "Memento Mori: The Fragility of Life," on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. in Edwards Recital Hall.

Titles of both the exhibit and the lecture are Latin; Memento Viveraddidle translates to "remember to live," and Memento Mori, "remember you must die." Clary’s recent period of work drew from a dark time in his life. His "Memento Mori" collection, as well as the upcoming lecture, were inspired by the death of his parents. Clary's work was about Memento Mori, a collection of traumas. But the newer work is much more colorful and more hopeful. Clary calls the new exhibit Memento Viveraddidle, "because it talks about coming to terms with the past. To remember to live because one day you will die. It’s almost a reclaiming of my life, to some extent, and learning not to live in that grief constantly."

[Text taken from Tapestry Magazine, Summer 2022]


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Memento Mori: The Fragility of Life