Community Sing at Bethesda Christian Fellowship


Community Sing at Bethesda Christian Fellowship





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A community sing at Bethesda Christian Fellowship on the eve of Heritage Days on Saint Helena Island, South Carolina. The service is organized and presided over by Reverend Kenneth Doe. This community sing was recorded by the Coastal Carolina University Athenaeum Press and recording studio. The service welcomes attendants from all over the island and surrounding Beaufort region, and the congregation organically leads or raises a song. Songs sung during this recording include "Are You Ready," "Walk with Me," "Leaning on the Lord," "Shoulder to the Weak," "Nobody Pray," "Comin' Afterwhile," "So Good," "Fare Ye Well" (led by Deacon Garfield Smalls), Hymn 449, "Leaning on the Lord's Side," "Adam in de Garden" (led by Minnie Gracie Gadson), "You've Been So Good," "Somebody's Calling My Name," "Trouble in My Mind," "Come this Far," "Heaven Belongs to You," a series of individuals catching the spirit and testifying, and concluding.


Spirituals (Songs)--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island;African Americans--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island--Music;Gullahs--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island--Religion;African American musicians--Songs and music;Hymns--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island;Bethesda Christian Fellowship;Penn Center Heritage Days Celebration;Doe, Kenneth;Smalls, James Garfield, 1920-2020;Saint Helena Island (S.C.)


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Community Sing at Bethesda Christian Fellowship