Paul Bromell Interview


Paul Bromell Interview


Harper, Zenobia (Interviewer)





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Paul Bromell, the father of Judge Jan Bromell Holmes, another interviewee, is interviewed at his residence in Bromell Town. His wife was Maxine, from Horry County, and they had four children together. He isn't familiar with any plantations that his family may have originated from. He remembers his father grew tobacco, as did his grandfather. He didn't enjoy working on the farm stringing or harvesting tobacco, but he recollects the process of harvesting the tobacco through taking it to market. He recalls that not a lot of people would interact with the water in Plantersville. Bromell attended Plantersville Elementary and went to Choppee High School. After graduating, he worked at the beach before being drafted into the Army, and he served in Vietnam. After he served, he worked for Georgetown Steel, but lived in Plantersville. His family belonged to St. Paul AME, where he became a church leader. He recalls revivals and the mourning bench, as well as his favorite parts of being part of a congregation. He describes how he got into the bus tour business, and his former affiliation with a motorcycle club. He discusses how properties are developed currently across Georgetown, but he is confident that his family will hold onto his land. He also discusses that he had an opportunity to purchase a former plantation site in the 1970s, and also discusses the different properties available for sale.


Plantersville (S.C.)--History;Georgetown County (S.C.)--Economic conditions;Georgetown County (S.C.)--Race relations;Georgetown County (S.C.)--Social life and customs;African Americans--Education--South Carolina;Gullahs--South Carolina--Religion;Gullahs--South Carolina--Interviews;Gullahs--Plantersville (S.C.)--Interviews;Soldiers--American--Vietnam--1970-1980;Bromell, Paul;Plantersville (S.C.)


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Paul Bromell Interview