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Kimbel Library launched its mobile environment and ran it in full production for several months yet usage patterns were quite low and flat. The library only saw a substantial increase in usage when new, value-added services were integrated into this platform. Upon implementing and integrating discovery services, chat and SMS capabilities, and computer availability maps into our mobile environment the library witnessed and continues to see a steady and significant increase in usage.

These services, any issues encountered in their integration, and solutions to resolve these issues are identified, and usage trends and overall increases in mobile platform usage are revealed. Web vs. native app usage trends, devices used, and other metrics and statistical information will be assessed.

This article will also explore possible future enhancements to our mobile services, such as geolocation and location-based services for enhancing library instruction, tutorials, library tours, and the possible development of an augmented reality environment for bridging the gap between physical and online resources and services.

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