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Chat GPT is quickly complicating the work of librarians. It tends to recommend sources that don’t actually exist. While AI is an exciting new tool for students and faculty to experiment with, Chat GPT and other generative AIs are not yet the easiest or best place to find scholarly research. However, there are other (perhaps less trendy) AIs that are specifically designed to help researchers find citations to scholarly articles.

When teaching a library session for a freshman English class where students were discussing and writing about their use of AI, the librarian (with permission of the instructor) showed students an AI called Elicit ( Elicit calls itself “The AI Research Assistant” and its purpose is to help researchers find papers that are relevant to their research question. Users are asked to enter a research question and the AI recommends relevant papers, with a custom written summary of the article's relevance. It also includes other interesting features not found in library databases.

The pros and cons and potential uses of this AI, and other AI uses for the library classroom, are explored and a conversation about these issues will be started.


Poster presentation presented at the Metrolina Library Association (MLA) on June 15, 2023.