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The pandemic has changed almost all aspects of our professional lives. Before shuttering their doors, libraries quickly mobilized to meet the anticipated demand of content usage happening from outside the building. The ability to work remotely has been a blessing in some ways, however, library users still face challenges. Many content providers, in response to these challenges, unlocked swathes of content to prevent barriers for remote users. Upscaling remote authentication has always been a challenge. To compound matters, cybercrime risks loom large threatening campus security, specifically targeting users who are accessing resources remotely. This has uncovered skills gaps for both libraries and users, requiring libraries to examine their authentication methods.

Thankfully, there are easy ways to ensure institutional security, while also reducing barriers to paywalled content for users. Hearing from both the library and publisher perspectives, you will learn more about remote authentication challenges, library cybersecurity risks, and some solutions for protecting institutions, while still providing seamless access.

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