Satoshi Machida

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The goal of this study is to investigate the relationship between globalisation and "modern slavery. " More specifically, the present research examines how globalisation shapes states' stances in the problem of modern slavery. Regarding this issue, one can present two competing hypotheses. 'Relying on the insights from the "world society" approach, the first perspective suggests that globalisation enhances states' responsiveness toward this matter. Conversely, the second hypothesis predicts that globalisation undermines states' actions against this problem due to the pressure from global capitalism. Statistical analyses relying on the "Global Slavery Index" supports the first hypothesis, showing that globalisation forces tend to encourage states to be more aggressive against the problem of modern slavery. Furthermore, analyses utilising the "3P Anti-trafficking Policy Index" also verify the robustness of this proposition. By dissecting the relationship between globalisation and modern slavery, this study mahss an important contribution to the literature, generating implications that are highly useful in addressing the problem of forced labor around the world.

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