Volume 1, Number 1 (1973) (Fall)

Editor Notes

It is a pleasure to welcome the printed appearance of the Journal of Political Science. The event is testimony to the increased interest, both nation and world-wide, being applied to the study of politics and government. Over the past twenty-five years, expanded numbers of both students and teachers in the discipline have generated a need for more publication outlets to cover the greater research and policy-analysis output of the profession. It is not an easy task to establish and maintain reputation as a high-quality, professional journal. I am sure the political science community joins me in wishing the new enterprise well as it embarks upon this arduous and important effort.

A special word of appreciation is extended to the administration of Clemson University for making the new Journal of Political Science financially feasible. Specific recognition is due President Robert C. Edwards, Vice President for Academic Affairs Victor Hurst, Dean H. M. Cox, and Political Science Department Head Charles Dunn.

In developing a professional journal, the vision and energy of a few dedicated souls are essential, although the cooperation of many is requisite to its success. Among those who must be acknowledged are the officers of the South Carolina Political Science Association-Martin Slann, President (and editor), William Blough, Vice President (Winthrop), and Ed Westen, Secretary-Treasurer (South Carolina).

It is appropriate in this place to recognize two political scientists who organized the South Carolina Political Science Association and first published its journal in mimeographed form – the late John McConaughy (South Carolina) and Jack E. Tuttle (Clemson). A note of appreciation is also due to Ray Rimkus (Queens College), immediate past editor of the Journal.

Greetings and felicitations on behalf of the American Political Science Association!

American Political Science Association



Martin Slann
Book Editor
T. Edward Westen

Additional Information

Published for the South Carolina Political Science Association by the Department of Political Science, Clemson University.