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Fall 12-15-2012

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Bachelor of Science (BS)




College of Business

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Jose Luis Mireles


Many people are unaware of the DREAM Act and its benefits; however, many scholars agree that the DREAM Act at the federal level is potentially beneficial to those undocumented students and to the United States. These scholars have researched the various benefits of the DREAM Act, such as an increase in human capital, increase in education revenue, and increase in taxable income. The DREAM Act can potentially give students the opportunity to obtain a higher education and ultimately a job and a better life. Most likely, ignorance of the DREAM Act has obscured the benefits it provides. People are more likely to dismiss something they do not understand, especially if it involves immigration. In defense of the students Juan Gomez explains that "it was not our decision to come here, and I find this an injustice of our society, and for that I will never forget where I came from" (Gomez, 12). I have researched the potential benefits the DREAM Act has on the United States and on the students.

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