Date of Award

Spring 5-4-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Elementary Education


College of Education

First Advisor

Richard Costner


This study focuses on the prevalence of classroom distractions in elementary education candidates’ field experiences. Classroom disturbances challenge students’ ability to focus on, and process the information that is being taught (Frisby, et al. 2018). Disturbances can occur for a variety of reasons. Intentional distractions, or anti-citizenship behaviors are classroom disturbances that are created by students with the goal of distracting others (Myers, et al. 2015). Classroom disturbances can also be unintentional, yet still equally distracting.

Throughout the duration of this research, the candidates have conducted observations and research in a variety of grade levels. In this paper, the candidates will compare and contrast their findings from each segment of time spent in the field, including COVID-19 data. From this comparison, the candidates will make note of similarities and their relevant significance from the research. The insights gleaned from this study have implications for all elementary teachers. By limiting the possible sources of distraction, teachers can more readily improve students’ focus, attention, and their overall engagement.