Date of Award

Spring 2006

Document Type

Legacy Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)


Marine Science


College of Science

First Advisor

Richard H. Moore


The intention of this experiment is to focus on the Blood Red Parrotfish and its ability to compete in the wild against other related cichlids. The results should be able to develop a better understanding on how the hybrid cichlid feeds. The experiment will analyze both ram and suction feeding, to determine which the hybrid utilizes By comparing the feeding, as well as a jaw dissection, to other possible parental cichlids hopefully little more information will be gathered that might be able to determine how related the hybrid is to those species. It would also help get an idea of how suitable man made species of animal are for surviving out in the wild. If this hybrid can not properly feed itself compared to natural species then it would have little to no chance competing out in natural habitats. This is the first known time that research has been focused on this hobby fish and it is hypothesized that it will help determine that this fish is less likely to be able to compete in the wild for food due to the limited mobility in its mouth.