Date of Award

Spring 2002

Document Type

Legacy Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)




College of Science

First Advisor

Mary Crowe


This research project looks at knee injuries related to nationally practiced sports. The main focus of the research is to determine trends in knee injuries and the sports in which they occur based on surveys taken from World Wide Web sporting forums. The data is gathered from patient feedback from the online forums. The most common knee injury is then compared and contrasted according to the different sports related activities in which they occurred based on age and sex. The treatments for this injury are then examined to determine effectiveness and patient contentment. An annotated bibliography is performed on the general topic of knee injuries from peer-reviewed journal articles to gain a knowledge base from which the data can be properly processed. This research is unique because of the use of the World Wide Web as a primary source of information. The surveys were posted on bicycling, running, volleyball, tennis, and inline skating forums and data was collected for thirty days or 100 responses. The data was summarized and analyzed. This type of research should be useful to both physicians and patients alike. The physicians will benefit from learning what the patients feel is better for them and give their perspective of the procedures, while the patient can learn what others have already found useful and efficient.