Date of Award

Spring 1998

Document Type

Legacy Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (BS)


Management and Decision Sciences


College of Business

First Advisor

Marios Katsioloudes


sex, lies and videotape not only had the most titillating title in movie history, but with its minute budget it was able to change the motion picture industry forever. No longer did a film have to be made within the studio system with big stars to make a profit. sex, lies and videotape was an independent film made for $1.2 million and released into the art house circuit where it earned over $20 million. New York University's alumni include Martin Scorcese, Oliver Stone and Joel Coen; University of California at Los Angeles' alumni include Francis Ford Coppola, Rob Reiner and Tim Robbins; University of Southern California's alumni include George Lucas, Ron Howard, and Robert Zemeckis. Together these nine individuals have made movies that have grossed over $3 billion. All three of the film schools these men attended required their film students to be part of a short film before graduation. Unfortunately, these projects can cost around $20,000. It is proposed that the combination of the forums of low budget independent film and the three best-known film schools be brought together through a commercial enterprise. By funding selected students' short film projects a company can acquire both the talent and material to produce full-length features at a fraction of the average studio movie. These features will be shown and sold to distribution at film festivals throughout the world and this enterprise will become profitable for years to come.