Date of Award

Spring 1999

Document Type

Legacy Thesis

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Bachelor of Science (BS)


Interdisciplinary Studies


Honors College

First Advisor

Richard Weldon


In the past twelve years, the voting population in Horry County, South Carolina has tripled. Many new citizens are Northerners who have chosen to move south in an attempt to escape the over-development of their cities. In the past three years, the municipalities of the City of Myrtle Beach and its home county of Horry have held public forums for citizens to voice their concerns. The overriding community issue has become the unmanaged growth of the area and its perceived negative ramifications, which include traffic congestion and the disappearance of forests, farmlands and wetlands. Despite this fact, local governing bodies have failed to address the issue and sprawling growth continues at an unprecedented rate. The purpose of this thesis is to examine identical patterns of development throughout the United States, ascertain any reoccurring consequences associated with over-development, and identify workable propositions or solutions which have been successfully implemented.

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