Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2011

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Bachelor of Science (BS)


Marketing and Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management


College of Business


Consumer behavior can be broken down into specific components including different behaviors, such as attention, motivation, and persuasion, which can all lead the consumer to purchase. Within the literature, there is a common order that consumer behavior tends to follow, and all consumers go through a series of steps in their decision process before making a purchase. Scholars claim that attention leads to motivation, which leads to purchase. Many scholars also recognize emotional appeal and emotional value and their large influence on consumer behavior. Attention, motivation, and purchase can all be provoked using emotional appeal. Scholars suggest that emotional appeal is the most influential and powerful way to persuade consumers to purchase. Marketers can provoke many different responses from consumers by manipulating package designs. The main goal of any package is to get the consumer to purchase. Marketers can manipulate the color of package designs. Color has the power to influence consumer behaviors within the consumer decision process and thus color has the ability to influence consumer purchase.

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Marketing Commons