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Fall 12-15-2011

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




College of Humanities and Fine Arts

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Eldred Prince, Jr.


The current scholarship on the education of the freed slaves in the South during Reconstruction is not so much one of differing points of view, but of specialization within the broader topic. Most of this scholarship focuses on the Southern region as a whole, rather than limiting the scope to just one state or smaller geographic area. Instead of arguing for or against a particular point of view, today's historians are focusing on one part of the larger topic to analyze. Whether studying the people themselves and their motivations, the teachers who educated them, or the system of education that resulted, each separately argues that the freed slaves were very active in their own educational destiny. They each also emphasize the hardships and obstacles that the freed slaves faced in procuring their education and the movement towards universal education in the South faced in general.

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