Established by the Horry County Higher Education Commission in 2006, the Horry County Archives Center (HCAC) at Coastal Carolina University focuses on researching the history of Horry County and, to a lesser degree, the five other surrounding counties in the northeastern section of South Carolina that, along with Horry County, were once a part of the old Georgetown Judicial District, established in 1769.

The HCAC supports students and departments within the university with projects dealing with local history. It also works closely with history-minded organizations in order to find significant local historical material, to preserve it, and to make it easily accessible to students, faculty and the community-at-large by digitizing it and posting it online.

The HCAC Research Room contains Kimbel Library’s “Waccamaw Collection”, a collection of books dealing mainly with the history of the Waccamaw River region and microfilm copies of historic state land records. The HCAC Research Room is available to all students and faculty as well as to the community-at-large.

It is hoped that this resource will help us gain a better understanding of the history of our area and how it is interwoven into the history of our state and nation.


Browse the Horry County Archives Center Collections:

HCAC Research

Hearing Horry History

Horry County Historical Society Photograph Collection

Horry County Oral Histories

Hurricane Hazel Photograph Collection

James L. Michie Archaeology Reports

Lonnie W. Fleming, Sr. Photograph Collection

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