Reverend Kenneth Doe, August 2009


Reverend Kenneth Doe, August 2009


Crawford, Eric (Interviewer)





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An August 10 interview with Dr. Kenneth Doe of Bethesda Christian Fellowship Church (which Crawford describes as Baptist Church). Doe discusses the demographic and linguistic changes to the island that have affected the retention of spirituals and religious practices, such as seeking. Doe discusses the history of religious practices, from enslavement to emancipation, as well as the history of Brick Baptist and the prayer houses (or prays houses). He also discusses the prayer house course of events versus the churches. He discusses that congregations still keep some of these traditions alive today in prayer services, with marked differences. The recording abruptly cuts off a minute before the end of the track. The recording splits at 19:15 onto a new tape, and picks up mid-conversation while Doe is discussing the harmonies of the worship choir. He also discusses the talents of the senior choir. He discusses how song leaders are cultivated within families to replace family members who have left home or passed away. Doe discusses the popularity of certain songs. He then shifts where the acoustic services, testimonies, and structures of spirituals during church services. Doe also briefly discusses his efforts to keep spirituals alive in his congregation, and why he feels it is important to keep the spirituals forward and train young people in a wide variety of music. He discusses the formation of the senior choir and the construction of the congregation building. The interview terminates in the middle of Crawford posing a new question about the ring shout.


Spirituals (Songs)--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island;African Americans--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island--Music;Gullahs--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island--Religion;African American musicians--Songs and music;Hymns--South Carolina--Saint Helena Island;Bethesda Christian Fellowship;African American choirs;Doe, Kenneth;Saint Helena Island (S.C.);Bethesda Christian Fellowship (Saint Helena Island, S.C.)


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Reverend Kenneth Doe, August 2009