I'll Meet You in the Field: the Intersection of Education and Community



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I am a reader.

That is one of my birthright gifts.

I can still remember the first day and the first word I learned to read. My first-grade teacher was wearing a yellow dress that day I learned to read the word "rain" - and with that word came the understanding, the knowing, that I could unlock print and make sense of it.

I looked forward to my sixth birthday because that meant I could get my first library card. I read everything - books, magazines, newspapers, signs, cereal boxes, recipes, directions. I would read under the covers by flashlight after bedtime.

I know I have learned a great deal about the intersection of education and community. And I know that I will continue the learning for a lifetime. I have learned that the journey to that field beyond the ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing is an inward journey even as it is an outward one.

I have learned that everyone I meet along the way will be my teacher if I am open to learning from him or her.

I have learned to love paradox. I have learned that the path to the field is a path I can only travel alone - and the path is made by walking, or perhaps by dancing or skipping, with Others.

So I'm grateful that you are traveling with me.

Thank you for meeting me in the field.


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I'll Meet You in the Field: the Intersection of Education and Community