Nine Nutrition Tips for a Healthier South Carolina



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Nutrition confusion abounds in our country. What kind of diet should one choose-low-fat, low-carb, high-protein, vegetarian, high-fiber, or functional foods? In the age of lnternet and global communication -- along with an increasing interest in nutrition and health -- it is not surprising that Americans remain confused about nutrition. In addition, much of the nutrition information reported by the media is sensational, insufficient, or taken out of context.

Unfortunately, our culture is one that thrives on quick fixes for busy lives. We want to lose weight in 24 hours after taking a magical pill that makes the entire process easy. Frustration from trying one fad diet after another often promotes binge eating and night eating syndrome. Also, when our sole goal is to lose weight, we are willing to try anything, regardless of whether it is a healthy choice or not.

This study will counter some of the food and nutrition misinformation by summarizing research findings from a wide array of scientific, credible sources. The information presented here is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle nutrition plan. Nine nutrition tips will be outlined here along with information on causes of death that are related to poor nutritional choices -- with a special emphasis on statistics from South Carolina. These nutrition suggestions provide a plan to avoid obesity and also help provide protection from some of the chronic diseases that are the major causes of death in our state and nation. Think of these suggestions as one lifestyle plan to prevent many chronic health problems.


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Nine Nutrition Tips for a Healthier South Carolina