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  • Signature Pedagogies Program Supports Examination of Teaching Practices Jenn Shinaberger, director, CeTEAL
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Strategic Figures in Physical Geography
    Clayton Whitesides, associate professor, anthropology and geography, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Distance Versus Face- to-Face Supervision of Pre-Service Special Educators
    Nicole Uphold; associate professor, special education; Spadoni College of Education
  • The Use of Content Acquisition Podcasts and Feedback for Teacher Development Rhonda Miller; assistant professor, foundations, curriculum, and instruction; Spadoni College of Education
  • Factors Impacting the Perception of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education
    Monica Fine; chair/associate professor, marketing, hospitality, and resort tourism; Wall College of Business
  • Teaching and Measuring Critical Digital Literacy in the College Classroom Corinne Dalelio; assistant professor, communication, media and culture; Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Using Integrated Problems to Increase Student Understanding and Retention
    Drew Budner; assistant professor, chemistry; Gupta College of Science

CeTEAL News, January/February 2020



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