This research investigates eBay auction properties that influence auction outcomes: effectiveness (ability to attract bidders) and success (whether the item was actually sold in the auction). Hundreds of auctions (1,273) for three popular financial calculators—the HP 12c, the HP 10b and BA II plus—were examined to assess the impact of these auction properties. Findings show that utilization of certain auction features influence both outcomes. These features include starting price and reserve price for both calculators. Other features impact only auction effectiveness: wear and the presence of a picture for the HP10 and BA II plus; and wear and ability to pay with credit cards for the HP 12c. Further, others auction factors influence only auction success: abnormally high first bids and whether the seller is a recognized company rather than an individual for the HP 10b and BA II plus; and the length of time the seller has been selling on eBay, the presence of a picture, and whether the seller was a recognized company rather than an individual for the HP12c.



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