As we have graphically seen since September 11, 2001, areas which depend heavily upon tourism as a primary source of income face a host of challenges. South Carolina's Grand Strand area is a good example of just such an area. A number of focused tourism-related events intended to attract a certain segment of the population have evolved over the years. Two such events revolve around the attraction of motorcyclists. One occurs during early to mid-May (with a burgeoning repeat presence in the Fall), while the other occurs over Memorial Day weekend. Both events have proven to be successful in terms of attracting participants, but are also seen as being somewhat problematic. Of course, proof of economic success rests with demonstrating the overall impact that each event has on the area. This study seeks to examine spending patterns of three important and relatively diverse tourist groups (i.e., including tourists who would ordinarily be attracted to the area regardless of the event) to gain some appreciation for possible benefits or pitfalls.



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