Charles Alston Interview


Charles Alston Interview


Crawford, Eric (Interviewer)





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Interview with Charles Alston, a resident of Sandy Island. The video opens as Alston describes an experience he had with Santee Cooper. The electricity provider wanted to do an article based on Sandy Island and its residents and consulted with Alston because he was a resident of the island. After talking about the article, Alston proceeds to talk about traveling away from the island temporarily. The interviewer then guides Alston to talk about who built their family home, and Alston begins to expound upon his family history. Alston speaks about his experience traveling to work from the Island, his job, and how treacherous both of them can be.


Water utilities--United States--Management;Electric utilities--United States--Management;Global warming;Electricians;Fire extinction--South Carolina;Boats and Boating--South Carolina-Waccamaw River;Emergency vehicles;Fire Departments--Equipment and supplies;Fire Departments--South Carolina--Georgetown County;Santee Cooper Hydroelectric and Navigation Project;South Carolina Public Service Authority;Alston, Charles;Sandy Island (S.C.)


Santee Cooper, Charles Alston, privacy, fire department, Washington D.C., Pawleys Island (S.C.), "Nissan Infinity", adventure, Myrtle Beach (S.C.), Alaska, Chicago (I.L.), Global warming, West Tennessee, US Air Force, Mt. Pleasant, Seattle (W.A.), out-migration, Charleston (S.C.), Volvo, Boeing, Mercedes Benz, Conway (S.C.), Winyah Bay (S.C.), Johnson, Dorothy, Pyatt, Rose, Herriott, July, Herriott, Abraham, Alston, Sandra, Pyatt, Mary, Pyatt, Wilhelmina (-2013)


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Charles Alston Interview