Franklin Tucker Interview


Franklin Tucker Interview


Crawford, Eric (Interviewer)





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This interview takes place on Sandy Island, with Coastal Carolina University faculty researcher Eric Crawford interviewing Franklin Tucker in his home in 2016. It was done to get more information on Sandy Island's past, during its heyday. Franklin Tucker was born and raised on Sandy Island in the first-half of the 20th century. Crawford's conversation with Franklin Tucker touches on many facets of life in Sandy Island's past. The discussion mostly focuses on what growing up on Sandy Island during its peak was like. This entails a deep conversation on what education, church, free-time, and local life was like. While there are similarities that can be found with growing up in rural South Carolina, many of his experiences are distinctly unique to his home. The ways he learned how he spoke both English and Gullah, for instance, is an experience belonging only to Gullah-Geechee corridor of the South-East. Along with that, there lies an undercurrent of discussion on the fear of Sandy Island's community and culture becoming a thing of the past as the older members pass on and the younger members move away and strike out on their own. Franklin Tucker served 4 years in the US Navy. Being a Sandy Island native, he experiences growing up and living in a community that's unique in the US. It's a shorter interview that touches on a variety of topics extremely quickly. Military deployments is the first. It then transitions into discussions on home life such as getting Ice before the island had consistent electricity. It also talks about a house fire where the community helped the affected family.


Gullahs--South Carolina--Sandy Island--Interviews;Georgetown County (S.C.)--Race relations;Georgetown County (S.C.)--Economic conditions;Sandy Island (S.C.)--History;Sandy Island (S.C.)--Social life and customs;African American churches--South Carolina;African American soldiers--History;African Americans--Education--South Carolina;Sea Islands Creole dialect;Tucker, Franklin;Sandy Island (S.C.)


Life on the Island, Boats, Butler AME Chapel, New Bethel Baptist Church, Funerals, Sandy Island Geography, Growing up on Sandy Island, Sandy Island School, Agriculture, Prince Washington, Military Service, Service Members from the Island, World War 1, Vietnam War, Draft, Ice, House Fire, Occupations


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Franklin Tucker Interview